Pieces of wonderful scribbles.

An idea is something extraordinary that spontaneously explodes out of your head and you just have to let it out as quickly as you can in any form of nonsense you like. A book, however, is a collection of those ideas in the form of neatly compiled pieces of paper that are filled to the brim with a bunch of overdramatized words -complete with a professional looking binding.

In my point of view, a good book could probably be the equivalent of… a melodramatic friend? Or a shy bird just waiting for it’s wings to unfold… or perhaps, even a life long companion – for even the simplest story will be able to capture one’s heart if there is, if not a lot, a little imagination to help it soar.



I have become a book reviewer on GOODREADS under the pen name : thewildtinker. I now review newly released books by budding authors under a group called ‘We love YA books!’. If you so happen to be an aspiring author yourself, kindly leave a request on the comment section on my ‘Books’ page and email me a pdf version of your script to :

You will most likely receive your feedback within 2-3 weeks after sending. Reviews will be posted on Goodreads, on this blog and Amazon.



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