– Some wonderful and notable pieces of work that have found a comfortable space in the Tinker’s heart. –

THE SMELL OF BOOKS: The reason why I find myself questioning the existence of ebooks and then questioning the reason I’m questioning myself when I own several  and then realizing that the white pages on the screen aren’t actually new. New-ness is the smell of parchment – old or freshly printed. New-ness is the first time you bend a paperback or smoothen a hardcover. New-ness is when you marvel at the cover and the feeling of flipping the pages. It is the first encounter that leaves the greatest impression.

Fighting Ruben Wolfe by Markus Zusak


rating didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it it was amazing (my current rating)
status Read in August, 2012
format Paperback 
review This book was a biscuit. It was warm, short, sweet and incredibly straight forward. With its short span of 224 pages, Markus Zusak’s remarkable story-telling was just enough to send the message over – The story of brothers. It was simple – a tale that narrated the life and hardships of a pair of brothers living in the harsh environment of a father in unemployment, a mother working to the bone… and the fire that burned inside of them to make a difference.Every page was lined with the knowledge of family. The knowledge of love that one did not have to express in words to know. The special love between brothers. Narrated by the youngest of the family, Cameron Wolfe whose devotion for his brother, Ruben was quiet and boundless, the story was beautiful in the sense that it introduced its characters in way a little brother would. They were described in a way one could relate to – the way he speaks of Ruben with sibling jealousy and undoubted admiration.There are no words to describe this book, just as they were none to describe the Book Thief (the first book that opened my eyes to Zusak’s writing).I think Markus Zusak has just gained one more fan.

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