A Monster Calls Book Review

9781406311525-3Thought I’d shed some more light on the book reviews I’m working on/have worked on – now that I have time (Psst…exams are over)!
FANTASY: Battles between light and dark, often using magic, but more often using hope.
A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls

by Patrick Ness, Jim Kay (Illustrator), Siobhan Dowd (Conception)
Jan 07, 2012
rating 5 of 5 stars
status Read in December, 2013
format Hardcover (edit)
review Having just finished this book in the span of an hour, I found myself trembling in the corner of my sofa, silent tears dripping down my cheeks. The more I dragged myself away from the words and succumbed to my thoughts, the more my eyes leaked like a faucet. Don’t get me wrong; like Gandalf said, ‘… not all tears are an evil.’ In fact, despite the reality that the monster was called a ‘monster’ and was known to smile ‘evilly’, his role in the story was strangely comforting.I shall not waste this review with a synopsis as this book is worth a million re-reads and I will hasten to return to it even just to indulge every crevice of illustration. It’s easy to say Patrick Ness and Jim Kay are a match made in heaven. With Patrick Ness’ masterful hand at conveying a simple story into a dark, meaningful truth and Jim Kay’s vivid projections of stories within stories, this book was far from a typical piece of bound pages.The words were simple. The drawings however intricate (beetles and wood were apparently used to score the details) were no more than two characters in a frame. For me, it was the emotion.
AMonsterCalls2new_2082632b A Monster Calls. Patrick Ness. It was how the pieces to the puzzle finally fit and how the final picture was something so raw and present and real. It was the truth and it was beautiful.Thank you Patrick Ness and Jim Kay.Thank you Shioban for planting the seed.

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