– Some wonderful and notable pieces of work that have found a comfortable space in the Tinker’s heart. –

FANTASY: Battles between light and dark, often using magic, but more often using hope.

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls

by Patrick Ness, Jim Kay (Illustrator), Siobhan Dowd (Conception)
Jan 07, 2012
rating 5 of 5 stars
status Read in December, 2013
format Hardcover (edit)
review Having just finished this book in the span of an hour, I found myself trembling in the corner of my sofa, silent tears dripping down my cheeks. The more I dragged myself away from the words and succumbed to my thoughts, the more my eyes leaked like a faucet. Don’t get me wrong; like Gandalf said, ‘… not all tears are an evil.’ In fact, despite the reality that the monster was called a ‘monster’ and was known to smile ‘evilly’, his role in the story was strangely comforting.I shall not waste this review with a synopsis as this book is worth a million re-reads and I will hasten to return to it even just to indulge every crevice of illustration. It’s easy to say Patrick Ness and Jim Kay are a match made in heaven. With Patrick Ness’ masterful hand at conveying a simple story into a dark, meaningful truth and Jim Kay’s vivid projections of stories within stories, this book was far from a typical piece of bound pages.The words were simple. The drawings however intricate (beetles and wood were apparently used to score the details) were no more than two characters in a frame. For me, it was the emotion.
AMonsterCalls2new_2082632b A Monster Calls. Patrick Ness. 9781406311525-3

It was how the pieces to the puzzle finally fit and how the final picture was something so raw and present and real. It was the truth and it was beautiful.

Thank you Patrick Ness and Jim Kay.

Thank you Shioban for planting the seed.




M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman

rating didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it (my current rating) it was amazing
status Read in April, 2012
format Hardcover
review It is quite obvious that I am a Neil Gaiman fan. And I’m not ashamed to admit that that was one of the reasons (the only reason, actually) why I purchased this book without even reading its synopsis. I found I was not disappointed.M is for Magic is a compilation of wonderfully witty magical stories which seemed to have found themselves a space in fantasy history. This is not surprising as Gaiman has always mastered this particular domain of books – those of which include the dwellings of the outer reaches of our minds. The book also includes, as Gaiman also states in the introduction, a familiar nostalgic reminder of the The Graveyard Book. Gaiman mentioned it being the stepping stone in beginning a full length novel, which mind you, was a brilliant one.

Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones. 

rating didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it (my current rating) it was amazing
format Mass Market Paperback
review Not one of my most favourite Diana wynne jones books but still worth a read. Probably because the last book I read before this one was the homeward bounders also by Dianna. That was just awesome.While this book still contains some of Diana’s whimsical significance, its nothing compared to her epic Chrestomanci  Series. However, it may appeal to fans of animals, dogs in particular for it does revolve around the life of dog star named Sirius, who is sentenced to live the remaining of his life on Earth in the form of a dog. The dog he turns into appears to be adorable and is adopted by a young girl who he soon comes to love and care for. The majority of the book is basically his life on Earth and how he discovers the person who had framed him for a murder he did not commit.The reason why I found this book such a put off from my streak of Diana Wynne Jones reads, was that while it was all very adorable at the beginning, which involved him thinking in his doggy point of view, it soon became a tad bit draggy and the plot line just got a bit lost once it reached the middle of the story. Her original intention of making it a magical transformation, soon became more of an ordinary transformation, save for the rare appearances of Sirius’ ‘luminaries’ from outer space.All in all, I expected more from this book and was desperately hoping that maybe she would nail the ending like she did for the Homeward Bounders but much to my dismay, it did not happen. And that just left me with that unsettling empty feeling which I’ve never felt before after reading her books. I think it was disappointment.

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