Memories from Middle-Earth

This page is dedicated to my love for the Lord of the Rings trilogy as well as the upcoming prequel The Hobbit which is going to be released at the end of next year. J.R.R Tolkien is a literary genius. That is all I can say. To have created such a rich, divine, meaningful, unique, inspiring story is beyond me. In my opinion, he has already reached for the stars and grabbed one of them to share with all other aspiring authors.


Three rings for the Elven kings under the sky,

   Seven for the Dwarf lords in their halls of stone,

Nine for the Mortal Men doomed to die,

   One for the Dark Lord on his dark throne,

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie,

   One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,

   One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them

In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.                            


The Hobbit

A tale about an unexpected hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, who is in for a the journey of his lifetime – the very tale that started it all.

based on the novel ‘ The Hobbit’ by J.R.R Tolkien.

Movie trailer :


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