-Some wonderful and notable pieces of work that have found a comfortable space in the Tinker’s heart. –

Romance: I don’t really know whether I am mature enough to define this without an awkward expression forming all over my face. Oh well.

The Princess and the Captain by Anne-Laure Bondoux

This is perhaps the only romantic novel I’ve ever read (besides Twilight, unfortunately) and even then, it involved swashbuckling pirates and mystical adventures to exotic, faraway lands. I can’t live without that spark of adventure – an entire 300 paged book just backboned with romance is utterly unbelievable for me.

Although I know that is not entirely true, for I am very aware that there are some brilliantly written romance novels, I have yet to be introduced to so for now, this is were I am.

The age old saying, do not judge a book by its cover goes for both humans and their book companions, but quite honestly, it hardly ever works on me. I am sorry. Appearances do matter and this book looked particularly fascinating and its cover was appealing.

At least it has a good old fashioned cover – not some depressed suicidal female vampire looking as though she’s facing a mid life crisis (probably because she’s trying not eat her boyfriend…or was that the other way around?)

Sadly, that is reality. That is basically what I see whenever I walk over to the ‘Young Adult’ section at the bookstore – shelves filled with romance novels ( most of them revolving around a supernatural relationship? Two things that I can never really picture in holy matrimony) that are sappier than the ones my grandma used to read when she was my age.

This often results to stereotyping – a common misunderstanding for us female teenagers who unfortunately happen to be in the ‘Twilight’ generation. The very reason why I find it unnecessary to even catch a glimpse of the new arrivals (do not be mistaken, there are some pretty good books out there) which have been placed down that isle.

It was almost surprising that ‘The Princess and the Captain’ caught my eye. A rose among the thorns, as I like to say it. It was fast paced, completely believable, interesting and not to mention, undeniably heartbreaking.

P.S: I’ve recently found out that this book was originally in french -the thought pleased me somewhat 🙂


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