Watercolour, Pastel and Pencil

Hi there! Here are some art work which I’ve been meaning to show the world to in a LONG TIME. The oldest one is probably Smeagol/Gollum (judging by his expression, he’s in one of his post transformation Smeagol modes) made around four years ago. It’s made from dry pastel, a medium which I discovered in a craft shop in India, on one of my trips there. By a stroke of a luck, I had some black paper at the time and found it really enhanced the striking colours of the pastel. Unfortunately, I’m still working on how to properly preserve this piece (using spray fixative tends to blow the colour away as the texture of the medium is not unlike chalk, just less crumbly). It’s lasted this long in a file so touch wood, nothing disappears before I find a new way to preserve this!

The overall effect was beautiful though.

My precious!
My precious!

This isn’t the first Lord of the Rings themed piece I’ve done. In fact, the first few ones were sketched back in 2011 during free period at school were on alas, the backs of scrap paper. I specifically remember the first one being Gandalf. I’m still proud of them though, especially the ones of Arwen and Gimli – they are showcased here. Gollum was something special I wanted to keep till I honed portrait drawing skills, and the combination of the materials I had at the right time made it worth the wait!


These ones, I guiltily admit doing in the midst of my AS level exams – it was probably was the best way to relieve the stress and I was just getting used to Peter Capaldi as the Doctor (he’s amazing btw!). On a side note, I was just accustoming myself to the loss of the Eleventh Doctor. I never doubted Capaldi’s capability or was prejudiced about his age, I was simply, and subconciously expecting him to react with Matt Smith quirks and mannerisms. Having seen a full season of Twelve, I find a grumpy, old man, trying to be young (an opposite to Eleven’s case).

ANYWAY, here’s the end result: a tribute to Eleven and my first ever interpretation of Twelve!

Bow ties are cool!
Bow tie. Big scarf. A bit embarrassing. What do think of the new look? I was hoping for minimalism but I think I came out with MAGICIAN.
Bow tie. Big scarf. A bit embarrassing. What do think of the new look? I was hoping for minimalism but I think I came out with MAGICIAN.

Finally, the most recent and most anticipated; the Trinity.

The Dark Knight
The Dark Knight
The Warrior Princess
The Warrior Princess
The Man of Steel
The Man of Steel

These were done in watercolour! I find that I really enjoy this medium. It’s simple and yet delicate. Hoping to post more of these soon!

Before I go, I can’t help but post a version of these three with the exposure tweaked a bit. Makes Batman look more comic-y 🙂


photogrid_1435759310197 photogrid_1435759394513


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