A Happy Disposition

So it has been a while since I’ve revisited my happy place. Some would say much to their chagrin (my parents), that it is like a second home to me. They are right.

(“Welcome, newly initiated.”)

On an ideal morning (since the end of exams and the beginning of real life once again), before my eyes have even accustomed to the artificial light of my phone, I’d say hello to my Wonder Woman home screen, Google the latest updates on the Joker, re-watch the trailers for Antman and Star Wars, then, I’d go to Pinterest, experience a range of feels from some hilarous and utterly heartbreaking pins (thanks Avatar). I’d get some ideas for a Doctor Who portrait series and later excitedly sketch Alex Kingston’s face for the umpteenth time.

For weeks now like an unwashed hermit, I’ve marinated in hours of Young Justice, animated Batman and a dash of Flash, played competitively on Injustice (to the point that I actually researched effective strategies, applied them and thus far have purchased 5 gold booster packs), made sufficient mash-up fan videos of Doctor Who and Sherlock, painted a water colour collection of the Trinity and drafted a couple of stories reminiscing the Ponds. If Comic Con admits people with a handmade costume already in hand and a questionable sense of hygiene, it’s safe to say I’m more than ready for it.

But the crux of the matter is, why do people do all this? (and I know it’s not just me that’s this fanatic.)

How have fictional characters, who as far as I know, only exist on screen and on paper have influenced our lives to the point of deterioration? For people who are going too far, we are slowly losing ourselves. Reality is nothing compared to the virtual world, where characters can come to life and be portrayed in different settings. Sherlock Holmes could be the long lost son of the Doctor, or R2D2 could be an extension of the TARDIS…

The beauty of comics itself is that the same character can exist in a series of multiple universes, each one spinning a different fate for the character, a memorable example is when a rift in time causes Bruce Wayne to be killed in alley instead of his parents, causing his father Thomas to don the Batman mantle whilst his mother mad with grief, begins to see the funny side of life as the Joker.

The possibilities are limitless when there’s imagination. It is what makes these characters immortal. Life without these fictional yet, real to the bone personalities is unfathomable.

For decades they have inspired us;

made us smile with all of Batman’s sass;

Master of Sass

thought us the meaning of good and evil and balance of it;

and made us realise that everyone matters

We are fortunate to be in an era where popular comic book culture is steadfastly hitting the silver screens. Thanks to this and the masterfully direction and adaptation from the studios , even the once lesser known Marvel heroes are gaining a mass following, with every little boy now no doubt owning an iron man figurine. Doctor Who which started off as a British cult more than 50 years ago is now a global phenomena with tours across Asia even.

But will end up like the ‘dream-addicts’ in Inception – left forever in catatonic state, useless in every way in a corner of the slum the world eventually came to. The people who survived probably left on their spaceships or made settlements on Mars.

Maybe in the future, artificial intelligence will look back at the foolish humans and whilst feel slightly thankful that homosapiens had created them, ponder on how their creators could have risen to their full potential had it not been mere fiction dwelling in the unlocked 10% capacity of their minds. But the truth is, without fiction, we wouldn’t have been able to envision the future, to have the oppurtunity and motivation to make everything we aspire into non-fiction.

Being a nerd or geek now, is considered cool.

What has the world come to you might wonder?

Teleportation, Invisibility cloaks, Cities under Earth’s Crust, Genetic Engineering, is only the gist of it. We sent a man on another planetary body other than our own and now have a map of the visible universe. There is even a space probe zooming at over 62,000km/h for the past 37 years, now at the very edge of our Solar System, with a message for intelligent life out there if any, saying hello in every known human language and mathematics

Not to mention, an intergalactic map leading directly to Earth – apparently, humans can only learn so much from the mistakes of science fiction.


A penny for your thoughts.

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