Counterparts of a Coin

There are several things I would like to catch up on and I’m going to divide them into 3 posts. This happens to be the long awaited ‘Sherlock’ illustration which actually featured two of the most central characters of the episode/novel ‘The Reichenbach Fall’/’The Final Problem’. (minus John, plus Jim. Sorry.) This drawing represents both my Sherlock stories so far : The kind lie and B is for the Boy who was afraid of the Dark and maybe Equating Emotions, if you will. Please read them to understand the contexts of said post title. It took me approximately 6 hours to complete this and mind you, time ran extremely fast that I barely realized I spent half a half a day ( and yes, I do have a life. Thank you very much.) Although, quite honestly, now as I stare at the product of my tired fingers and worn out pogo stylus, I think it’s worth it. I am very proud of my creation especially since it’s in the honor of my favorite storybook character and his nemesis, Sherlock. Yes, I was talking about Moriarty. Portraits were based on Sherlock and Jim from the BBC drama mini series ‘Sherlock’ who were acted by Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott respectively. Special thanks to them for letting me use their faces. And a special apology if I ended up morphing them up afterwards. Sorry…

Nevertheless, at my level of graphic art or whatever you want to call it, I was so proud of it, that I decided to go bonkers and post every single version I have of it.

WARNING: Given several versions of this drawing that may affect viewers in circumstances of extreme quantity, necessity (not really), ‘fun’ and plain randomness. 

                                                                                                                                                   Le ORIGINAL

And here’s where you probably want to skip if you are short of time, or you simply don’t find the importance to proceed.

Not sure whether this should be the original but never mind                         


Another one that looks relatively similar to the previous one 

Jim and Sherlock 90 degrees clockwise                                                                   

Jim and Sherlock 360 degrees (Completely upside down) 









Ahhh…. The joys of rotation. I personally like the one upside down. It’s sort of refreshing after looking at the original for too long 😛 .


A penny for your thoughts.

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