The Thieving Magpie

An illustration dedicated to my latest Sherlock fan fiction “E is for Equating Emotions.”

I am really excited for this drawing. It showcases Jim Moriarty as portrayed in the BBC television series Sherlock. This is a version which I have sketched then photocopied ( to get the printed effect) and then scanned. It didn’t really turn out as planned but I guess it sort of adds on to the mad, serious effect.

The original drawn version (minus being photocopied) is as shown: 


Even the original wasn’t this light. The shading in the background supposed to be darker, but since this is a pencil sketch, it was bound to turn out lighter ( including that the scanner does emit its own flash). Which is why I prefer the photocopied version. It makes him look more evil.

Prior to this drawing, I’ve also planned to (finally) draw a Sherlock Holmes as well, as a sort of balance to the whole Sherlock is Jim, two sides of the same coin, Ying and Yang business. I don’t know when that will come up, but we’ll just have to wait and see. In fact the idea of drawing Moriarty sprang out of nowhere too. As you can deduce from the random equations behind the ones ‘Jim’ wrote, I was in the midst of doing my Math homework).

Anyway, that’s that for now. As for the title of this post, why the thieving magpie?

Refer : Jim Moriarty stealing crown jewels.

No rush.


A penny for your thoughts.

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