E is for Equating Emotions

A study in character by the Other Sherlock.

“The game is afoot,” said Sherlock Holmes ( not the other one).

Watson only nodded in response, knowing not to feel entirely worried, at the same time reminding himself to control the adrenaline that was pumping in his veins. He remained the faithful lapdog.

Mrs Hudson, unlike John, was not entirely paranoid to voice out her opinion. And disagree, she did. “I am not your maid, young man! I’m the landlady,” she reminded for the umpteenth time. And yet, she still came back with biscuits and tea the second time around. She remained the doting grandma.

On the other hand, despite all the people Sherlock Holmes had met to this day, Inspec-ta-tor Lestrade somehow made it to his ‘closest thing to friend list’. Lestrade? Of all the people in the world, he was just an irritating sod who spent his life in an identity crisis. A policeman who was doing his job but not doing his job by ‘consulting’ (handing over a case to) a consulting detective who ended up doing the job (now not Lestrade’s) and letting Lestrade do most of the ‘consulting’ and not doing his real job with the excuse, “Not my division”. He remained the ‘I-need-your-help-but-I dont-want-to admit-it-‘ freak.


Predictable. Ordinary.

Well, doesn’t that just sound familiar? Familiar isn’t it, Holmes?

You forgot one minor character in this big big big game. Well, and since I’m only a minor, that makes you a minor too. And the others? Ants. And we’re just the big unpredictable genius psychotic boot.


Means there has to be something bigger than a boot right? A human . With emotions. Eww. So boring, So ordinary, So alive. And then you wish, they were more boots than humans. Oh, but there are, you might say! Poor little you then, because reality check, Sherly : boots are as outdated as a million Watsons. Boots are emotionlessly outdated in a moving age. And do you know why? Because the ants are scared. THE HUMANS ARE SCARED.

Because apparently, emotions do matter. Apparently,

Emotions = Love = No wars = Peace.

What if we add : No emotions = control = no love = -Peace.

Derive emotions: Emotions = no control.

So that makes: Control = Violence/War and No control = Peace.

And apparently, that makes sense. Apparently, that proves, humans are far more superior ; far more aware of the definition of control. Makes you understand how boring being alive is, doesn’t it? Makes you understand that they’re all just being controlled by themselves . By their emotions.

We’ve got our story now, lets introduce the characters.

Sherlock = no emotions

(John + Mrs Hudson) = emotion

John= emotion x2

Mrs Hudson= emotion x1

Lestrade = human = emotion

Derive human : human = emotion


Sherlock = – human


Sherlock (- emotion) + John (emotion x2) = emotion x1

On the other hand,

Sherlock ( – emotion) + Mrs Hudson/ Lestrade ( emotion x1) = emotion

Sherlock + John > Sherlock + Mrs Hudson/ Lestrade

Sherlock + John = human


Sherlock (-emotion) + x (- emotion) = – emotion x2

Sherlock + x = not human

x = – Sherlock + not human

x = not human


x= not Sherlock = no emotions = control,

Control = Violence

x = Violence

not Sherlock = violence

Sherlock = violence

not Sherlock = Sherlock

not Sherlock = Other Sherlock

Sherlock = Other Sherlock


Sherlock ( violence) + John ( Peace) = ?

Sherlock (violence) + Other Sherlock (violence) = violence = control

Find Other Sherlock,

Step 1: Derive John

John = peace = emotions = human

John = human

Step 2: Other Sherlock > John, therefore, Other Sherlock must be:

John = J

Step 3: Find midpoint of John because

Sherlock = 1/2 (Emotional) John

Other Sherlock = 1 Sherlock

Other Sherlock = 1/2 John


John = human

Midpoint of human = Human= M

Conclusion: Other Sherlock = J.M

J.M = Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes= Jim Moriarty

The Final Problem:

He remained the consultant : detective and criminal.

He remained inhumane but human enough to control his ‘-emotions’.

He remained two sides of the same coin.

After all,

Sherlock/Jim = 1

Sherlock – Jim = 0

You are nothing without me, Sherlock Holmes. And I, nothing without you. And I have an equation to prove it. :p


A penny for your thoughts.

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