The First Official Proclamation

I, the wildtinker, hereby extend the grace period of the ‘Alphabet a day Challenge’ to the end of August, due to certain ‘obstacles’ (a dramatic way of stating homework and school, etc.) and not to mention the Big Exam that’s being held in school next week.

Moreover, as the competition is open to all, writers are required to email  their stories to yours truly (or even pasting a link of your work into a comment), so that they will be posted onto my blog in a few days notice. The types of stories* are very open, they don’t even have to be stories, maybe even poems or any form of genius writing that you think the world might like to know about. There’s just one rule, which is to include the alphabet that you are going to write about into your title (e.g: U is for Unidentified Umbrellas… etc)

*Drabbles are recommended for those of you who find the word ‘stories’ intimidating. Their just shorter versions of short stories – like little sneak peeks. Their genres have an unlimited range.

So I guess that’s that. In short, the most important thing/ the main objective of this, is to have fun unleashing your imagination and expressing yourself (Don’t worry because there’s a 101 percent chance that your story will be posted on this whimsical blog 🙂 )

P.S: Due to my lack of updating recently, I’ve decided to make it up to you with this brand new, fresh from the tinker’s oven story entitled ‘B is for the Boy who is Afraid of the Dark.’

A product of great inspiration after watching the Season 3 Finale of Sherlock. 

And so I dedicate this to James Moriarty, a consulting criminal that I never really paid attention to until the day he died. 

Au Revoir!


A penny for your thoughts.

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