Weapons of mass destruction

(Something short which just popped into my mind. )

For a person who  had never laid his eyes upon any form of demonstrated violence whatsoever, the particular word ‘weapon’ never really brought any significance in my dictionary. The childhood dream of becoming an extremely cool super villain  with an awesome foreign accent was shortly outlived after I found out those funny bad guys on TV were actually frolicking around massacring innocent people while they were doing their shopping – as if it were some sort of weird twisted recreational sport. All in all, I was a saint. A happy, content, naive but highly intelligent saint.

This however, tragically changed after I witnessed something I swear I would never forget until the day I fall into a black hole – which of course is highly unlikely unless the human race finally decided that enough was enough and built thousands of little oxygen filled balloons as a transport utility to send us off to God knows where. You see, the problem is, they never think things  through- they just do.  The very reason why I am eternally grateful that I do not own any product by a particularly renowned company who has a particularly irritating tagline and oh, and also, because I don’t happen to be a homo sapien.

It’s a confusing tale but bear with me until it ends.

There was once a very very human little boy who had a very very human dad. His name was Mr.Innocent Bystander and his job in this mind boggling flashback was simple. He was a civilian and an honest man. And he died. Shot in the chest. And his wife died too.For a string of cheap pearls. The villain of course, did not know that at that point. Humans just do, remember?

From then on, the mysterious man who could have been considered an innocent bystander with a motive, became the ultimate villain in my life. For twenty years since then, I became a hero – avenging the deaths of the people I loved. A knight who lurked in the shadows, while living life as a fool in the daylight. I was nocturnal.  I was a bat.

I was a hero that sought revenge. A harsh ultimatum only reserved for the cruelest of villains. So I decided that I was neither. I was simply an innocent bystander with a motive and a weapon. I thought of the murderer who killed my parents – well, we don’t seem any different now.

The revelation changed something inside of me. No matter what I do, nothing humanely possible was ever going to bring them back. There will still be this empty space that can never ever be filled. Hollow and lonely.

I was old when it hit me. The walls of this house suddenly seemed large and threatening. Sometimes I fear to walk it’s paths during midnight when the shadows lurk and watch me menacingly. How ironic that it was them that I had once turned to for solace.

I would be shivering on the warmest of days and I would be sweating on the coolest of nights.
I cried relentlessly one night – I did not care because I remembered spending most of my remaining childhood doing so. I had spent my entire adulthood thinking things over and learning from my mistakes. I learnt that you must always aim for his head before he aims for yours. I learnt that sometimes death would ease the most horrid pains.

But there was one thing I failed to learn before it all came crashing down.

That ultimate weapon of mass destruction,was…





A penny for your thoughts.

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