Lost in Translation

The untold tale of the misunderstood Daleks.

Dalek Mission Log Report : Number 3789650
 Memory camera : Disabled.
Universal Dalek Automatic Past Recovery hologram activated.
Physical exterior statistics : Gunstick destroyed.
Vital levels : Very Low.
Emergency shields: Activated.
Backup support systems : Activated. 
Will go off in approximately 5O seconds.

Count down begins now.

 - 50 seconds

“EX-TER-MI-NATE!” cried the valiant soldiers of the Dalek race. Their glowing red lights a blaze in fury.

No one ever took them seriously. No one can blame them either, the Daleks looked like they’ve just stepped out of the tele tubby gone bad universe, with their vacuum cleaner like appearance, they could’ve been long lost relatives of the vacuum contraption that used to suck the Teletubbies’ pancakes.

“EX-TER-MI-NATE!” cried yet another soldier as it prepared to fire, only to be zapped into oblivion.

- 45  seconds.

Why are they fighting us? People might wonder. To rule the world? Oh no, sorry, what i meant to say was, the whole universe?

So many innocent lives were sacrificed in this pointless war between races. Nobody exactly knows why wars go on forever. Probably because they get so carried away. Eventually, it is the war that fuels anger and hate, not the other way around.

- 39 seconds

Do not be mistaken, the Daleks in fact, do posses very human emotions despite their robotic appearance. They are simply very misunderstood.

Contrary to a popular belief, underneath the vast layers of metal and the funnily pronounced one word dialogues, exists a tiny Dalek heart ( no, not a batch full of cookies – the Daleks are not ovens).

A heart that simply needs a little tweaking and tinkering to be put in the right position ( it is currently upside down, hence the reason why they do the exact opposite of love).

- 30 seconds.

And of course, being the most superior beings of the universe, they realized this and went in search for a person that could mend their upside down little metal hearts. A mender. A tinker. A healer.

The Doctor.

They met this man on the outer ring of the strange universe. From what they have heard, he was very powerful – a humanoid alien who was able to travel through time faster than the speed of light in nothing more that a pitiful blue space box. True enough, next to him stood a blue cuboid – a telephone box to be exact. So this must be it. His vehicle, his TARDIS.

- 25 sec...onds

He was a Time Lord after all, he was responsible for the safety of this universe and so, naturally, both parties didn’t have a nice start. The Daleks, unaware of proper peace protocol, offered to kidnap the Doctor in the kindest way possible.

“YOU MUST OH-BEY!” Said Supreme Dalek in it’s signature voice as it made it’s way down the ramp of the Dalek’s massive space craft.

It kept moving forward until the two of them were almost nose to nose ( if the Dalek’s even had noses… – they had gunsticks instead, which probably served as a nose and gun at the same time. Handy)

- 19 sec..o..n..d.s

The Doctor’s eyes, however, were fixed on the Dalek’s gunstick that was currently inches away from his face. He took a mighty step back.

“No thank you, while I do appreciate the offer, I am quite busy with the rest of time and space. How bout a nice cup of tea to settle things nicely?” the doctor said as he produced his weapon from his jacket pocket. “And so, we finally meet,” the man with the bow tie gave them a crooked smile. “You have been a very naughty bunch of buckets haven’t you?”

- 10 sec...

Natives in lower ring planets say that he was a magician who could conjure up amazing abilities using his sorcerer’s staff, which emits a hypnotizing green glow and a strange ear piercing sound. Nevertheless, the Daleks weren’t threatened. They stood their ground. Their gunsticks pointing mercilessly at the Doctor’s head.

- 7 s...

The Doctor’s usual witty response was of course, too much for a Dalek to handle ( emotional wise). After all, they were 90 percent anger and fury, so they settled on the one thing they definitely knew how to do.

- 6

“EX-TER-MI-NATE!” they roared.

- 5

The doctor grinned , his sonic screwdriver whizzing and glowing in his hand.

And so it began. The life long arch rivalry between the Daleks and the Doctor. An epic never-ending battle between machine and man. Between a nation of possessed home appliances and a time traveling, unfortunate Doctor.

- 4

Their encounters were brief, but no love was lost between them.

Doctor number one, Doctor number two….Doctor number five, six, ten, eleven!

- 3

Throughout all his regenerations, the Daleks were and will always be a part of his life.

- 2

There will be waiting for him in the deepest darkest depths of time and space.


The museum was pitch dark now. Ancient artifacts all resting in peace….

for one.

Back in the deepest, darkest corner of the run down museum, a slow red light flickered.


The red light lay still – staring.

There was a soft rumble. Like the sound of old, broken pieces clicking together – fixing itself.

Another rumble and then….



(for readers to appreciate the contacts of this story, do watch BBC series Dr.Who. Any season will do, the Daleks appear everywhere.)

P.S: If one does actually confront a Dalek, make sure you are near a flight of stairs. Dalek weakness : number one. They cannot climb stairs. You are safe.

And finally a tribute to the valiant race of Daleks ( a video that I had coincidentally found of Youtube – how convinient.)


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    1. It’s not really so much the Jammy dodgers, it’s mainly my mum’s soup… All my brothers seem normal sized though.. strange… My dad’s going to stop working out his upper body, so eventually, everything’s gonna work out ๐Ÿ™‚

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