Just call it whatever you like.

Okay. Yes, my blog has gone back to its usual, boring old self. I admit, my illustrating has winded down a little recently. It is just, my ideas for writing have sort of overflowed and… my ideas for drawing have also overflowed but, clearly, drawing is slightly harder than writing and, it does take a very long time. I really, really didn’t want to post this post, only because I incredibly dislike ( no, I do not like to use the word hate ) ’empty’ posts – as in posts that just say stuff about stuff that aren’t really important, in a way. Sort of.

See what I’m doing? I am rambling about posts. Waste of time. Don’t know why I am typing. I think my fingers have officially gone automatic.

Anyway, ( I have to use that word to draw your attention away from the pile of nonsense written up there, in case you haven’t already noticed)

Good news 🙂 I have started the basic sketch for my ‘The last letter: Vincent and the Starry Night’ fiction.

This message may contain SPOILERS ( quote River Song thank you very much)

Actually, it doesn’t. Tricked you!

Actually, it does! Tricked you again! Double tricked you! Trick squared ! (Oh wait, that doesn’t work, does it? It just sounded nice 🙂 )

The sketch is basically just Vincent and the Doctor gazing at the starry starry night (supposedly the actual starry night painting but you know, in the sky) and of course, the TARDIS will be there looking incredibly brilliant in blue. Hopefully. There seems to be a lot of hoping going on, lately. I am worried.

I have not coloured it in yet, so it may take some time. In the meantime, my sister recently suggested for me to draw a Dalek for my ‘Lost in Translation’ story based on Dr Who. Well, it has been processing in my mind for quite a while now… (actually, just thought about it. What should I tell her?!)

Well, my answer is yes. Good for you. I will draw a Dalek in some point of my interesting life ( no, I am not going to say ‘hopefully’ again.) I am going to say it with unbelievable Dalek confidence!


Apparently, my boredom has taken its toll and its made this post less boring. Great, even blogs have reverse psychology.

That’s all for now, I guess. If it makes you happier, here’s a video of my favourite Doctor Who monologue ( Look at me, I can’t draw, so I just add videos to make things more interesting… Pathetic)

If this doesn’t make any sense to you at all. I am really, truly, very sorry.


P.S: After rereading this post, I don’t seem to find it quite bad anymore. In fact, I seem to like it a little more than I did 5 seconds ago. Does that make a difference? I hope so. So that makes ’empty’ posts just a ‘dislike’ on my list – not an ‘incredible dislike’ ( again, no hate word). See, there is a difference. I should do this more often.

The tinker signing off a little more content than before signing in.


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