Azkaban and the letter.

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a long time since I had last updated… And I feel very sorry. Kind of. I mean, I have the right to take my time. I have been up to a lot of interesting things lately, just to let you all know. In fact, I’ve been extra busy this week, preparing necessary stuff for necessary events ( check for further explanation)

I did however, come up with more illustrations for my ‘Bella the strange’ fanfic. Their all of course updated into the original fic, as usual. But I added them into this post, anyway, just in case 🙂

Here is one of a distraught Rudolphus reminiscing as he looks up at the shining moon and stars outside his cell, completely unaware of the shadowy dementor looming in the darkness.









This is a rough replica of the letter Bellatrix received from the mysterious wizard, Tom.









Well, that’s all for Bella the strange. All these will appear in it’s original post.

Also, I’ve suddenly become an ardent fan of the Doctor Who series which used to air on BBC One. It’s really really good, if you’re into time travel, sci-fi stuff.

And so, I’ve recently been inspired to write a story based off one of my favourite  episodes from Dr Who featuring Vincent Van Gogh called ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ which basically shows the Doctor and his time traveling companion, Amy Pond going back in time to meet the late artist, Vincent Van Gogh.

So look out for my version of that episode coming soon, entitled ‘The last letter: Vincent and the starry night.’

Stay tuned!

Tinker out.


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