Taming the Little Dragon

Yay! Finally completed the illustrations for one of my previous posts – ‘Some tea for the Little Dragon’ !
Unlike the singular illustrations I’ve done individually for the other stories, I’ve decided to do more than one drawing for this one since the story itself is one of my longest stories yet. This illustration took a relatively shorter amount of time compared to my previous drawing of ‘the toy soldier’ probably because I had a more standard colour palette ranging from browns and reds to greens and yellows. I also didn’t use many tools – unlike the toy soldier which had a wide variety of tools and layers, this drawing’s main highlight was the attention to colour and that peaceful, earthy feel to the atmosphere.
The first drawing sums up the ending of the story. ( If you haven’t already read the story, do click the link above 🙂 )


Here is a copy of the same picture( minus the layer of lines) which I thought gave the teacups that earthy, Chinese effect.


This illustration depicts one of Zuko’s flashbacks when his uncle tries to console him after he was sent into exile.


And finally, one of my favourite accidental works so far…


…. Even though it does look quite unfinished 🙂


A penny for your thoughts.

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