The Painting of the Toy Soldier

HI! So this is the latest illustration for my Harry Potter fic called the ‘Toy Soldier’ which I have posted a few days ago. Again, using an application called Sketchbook Pro on my ipad, I have managed to come up with a picture that would hopefully depict what I’m trying to convey in the story. It’s just my interpretation of it, is all. Honestly, it did take me longer to complete this one compared to my previous illustration on the story ‘The Man in the Mirror:Riddle’, mostly because of the extra attention to detail on Snape’s face – meaning his cuts and bruises (tried to make them look as realistic as possible..).

This particular illustration also took up the most layers – one being the faded black layer to make it look like a darkened room. Also, the multiple layers I had for the flooring of the room – one being a blood splattered layer and several others in various shades of green. The fun part was actually splotching bruises on his face – mainly because it felt like putting on make up for an some actor enrolled for a gruesome dying scene – which is basically the idea of the story..  ( I forced myself not to give him a black eye…)I also liked the layer where I focused on the silvery doe in the background. I loved the way the light sort of blurs and gives it a whimsical, yet majestic effect.

Well, hope you like it! My next one will feature the story from the Avatar universe which of course is my most latest one entitled ‘ Some tea for the Little Dragon’.

Since that is the longest story, I have been planning to do a few pictures rather than just one – mainly revolving around flashbacks and present time.

This is a copy of the original sketch which excludes the black layer which gives the ‘darkened room effect’ – so you’ll be able to get a clearer view. (Although I personally think that the absence of darkness in this shot sort of defeats the purpose or ruins the effect if you’ve already read the story)

So what do you think? Dark or Light?











Feel free to click on the picture to enlarge – for an even closer look.

This is the original sketch which depicts it in a darkened room.


A penny for your thoughts.

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