Crafting Christmas – A message from the Elves.

Dear everyone who’s currently viewing the blog of thewildtinker,

We, the elves, would gladly like to announce the official opening of our christmas sales. To anybody whose interested in cards, bookmarks, jewelry or any other little trinkets( all of which are handmade) for christmas or for even any occasion, for that matter, do feel free to visit our page at


Please do not confuse us with ‘Santa’s elves’. In contrary to the popular belief, we are merely their distant cousins who have migrated from the North Pole to suit more warmer, tropical climates… but, of course, we do inherit their wonderful habit of tinkering. In fact, we have this special ability to turn ordinary, boring looking everyday objects into something more… magical. Thus, our blog, thecraftelves.

Therefore, we hope you don’t mind that we’ve taken a little of your time to introduce you to our wonderful world of crafting <;-)

Now, for a little sneak peak…

Well? Don’t just sit there. Click that link! (or, kindly proceed to the blogroll on the right hand side menu)


This message was brought to you by the craft elves with the gracious permission of our fellow ally, thewildtinker.

Now, a word from our sponsors sponsor…

Rudolph the Red nose reindeer

Frosty the Snowman

Santa Claus says ‘…HO. HO. HO… You better not cry, you better not – okay, you know the drill…’

That is all for now, Goodbye.


A penny for your thoughts.

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