Illustrating Away!

Haha! So as you can see, I’ve been on a writing spree. Writing away on the movies I like. I’ve also come to notice that my posts have looked extremely dull lately with all the little black and white words scattered all over the pityful screen, so I have been tinkering away (more like thinking of an idea) to brighten up my blog and put a smile on your faces 🙂

One word.


It will change your life forever.

The solution to all this boring madness.

Anyway, here’s a picture I’ve drawn for my ‘ The Man in the Mirror: Riddle’ post using an application on my iPad called SketchBook Pro. Amazing application, seriously. And with that, I give you… RIDDLE!!!!

 Wa-lah! Not to shabby, eh?

If you scroll down just a little, you’ll find it updated in the post as well! Its ironic how I chose Voldermort to brighten up my day. Never mind.

Here are some bloopers while I was sketching.

A pretty cool looking one:

And… a pretty freaky looking one.. ( Now that’s the Voldy we all know and love!)

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be back!


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