The things I see in space. Sauron.

A lonely traveller gazes upon the darkness and vast emptiness of space. To the traveller, the sight before her is somewhat beautiful so she enjoys the moment in perfect silence. Suddenly, the atmosphere around her begins to change. The air in the space craft she’s traveling in grows humid. Nevertheless, she continues to look outside the window. The vast blanket of darkness was now replaced with thousands of yellow spots. They were like suns. Beautiful, yet deadly. Her eyes widen in fear but curiosity gets the best of her because amidst the spectacular sight before her, appeared a black ring. The ring rotated on its invisible axis. Her stomach churned. It reminded her of a black hole… and something else that she just couldn’t put her finger on. The suns that surrounded her began to face the ring and much to her horror, began to stare at it with red evil pupils. She was about to turn away but an invisible dark  force kept her rooted on the spot. The pupils weren’t staring at the ring anymore, they were staring at her. She was transfixed, unable to look away. Faint whispers filled her mind. It hurt. The suns’ gaze deepened and suddenly, she was blinded. However, in the darkness of it all, she heard a voice – clear and evil. The word echoed in her mind. Sauron.


A penny for your thoughts.

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