Pictures on the wall

That’s right! There have been pictures dancing around my wall since yesterday! Not ordinary pictures, no, their drawings ; murals. Yes, I have been very ambitious lately and decided to revamp my boring looking wall. This has been something I’ve been thinking ( not exactly planning – too lazy) to do for awhile now, but I never seemed to get around to it. However, due to a sudden burst of enthusiasm and inspiration, I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to release and portray all my ideas on the wall.

Lord of the rings was what first came to mind. Recently, I’ve become a fan of the lord of the rings series. After watching all three movies all over again, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the epic plot and the brilliant attention to detail. The sceneries were beautiful and so were to portrayal of all the very memorable characters. Next, was the Avatar series. I also happen to be diehard fan of the last airbender series which, in my opinion, is one of the best child cartoon series I’ve ever watched in my entire life so far. Avatar is unlike any other normal potty joke filled cartoon on nickelodeon. It is a show that has substance and meaning and is definitely out of the ordinary. I think that every child should get a chance to watch this show at least once in their lifetime to experience the powerful message it’s trying to convey.

With that said, I decided to incorporate the two films into a work of art on my wall. I know that this project will be very time consuming but I am willing to make it a success.

A part of my wall has already been painted by myself just about a year ago, so I started my new mural next to it just so it will look like a perfect continuation. I began with avatar since it requires the usage of lots of vibrant colours that really sort of matched the previous mural I started off last year. I planned to do the lord of the rings section on the top half of the wall as it is going to be a simple yet detailed design and I don’t want it neglected at the bottom.

My avatar part of the mural is going to feature most of the main characters ( which also happen to be my favourite ones). The twist is, that I’m not actually going to draw them out, instead, I’m drawing iconic things that represent them. For example, representing fire prince Zuko would be his blue spirit mask which he used several times to disguise himself and also his duel dao blades. Katara, with her mother’s betrothal necklace and her painted lady mask. The avatar himself, Aang will have his glider, momo and also his arrow tattoo in the background.

I decided to use badger moles to represent Toph since they were said to be the true source of earth bending and they were also the ones that taught her and could relate to her because like her, they are also blind. For Sokka, I chose his boomerang and space sword ( just because he’s a non- bender doesn’t mean he can’t be included…:p )

Last but not least, I put in uncle Iroh and Azula. I couldn’t help it, their my two favourite characters right after Zuko… So their IN! Of course, I drew a teacup to represent uncle’s love for tea 😉 I recall a dialogue he had with Zuko back in Ba Sing Se when they were fugitives and had to work in a teashop…

Uncle Iroh: Euch! This tea is nothing more than hot leaf juice!

Zuko: Uncle, that’s what ALL tea is.

Uncle Iroh: How could a member of my own family say something so horrible!

Haha. It never gets old… Also, I included the white lotus pai sho tile which I felt was another thing that screamed uncle really well. On the other hand, it was pretty hard to find exact items that actually represented Azula. Like her brother, she is also a very complex character and I was really looking forward to find a way to depict her complicated past…but I guess, that’s another story for another time… So finally, I chose to show her bending lighting which is one of her specialities. I was really tempted to add Zuko jumping in and redirecting it but again, that’s another thing. Maybe some other time when I’m not painting on a wall 🙂

Yeah, so that’s about it. My next posts will be pictures of my progress. This project is gonna take awhile so I’m planning on putting this up in a separate page so check out my side menu and look for ‘The wall’ That’s all for now! See ya!


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